ReVitalizing Organizations

 The following are the organizations that benefit from 10% of every Vital Apparel purchase: 

"Rebuilding Communities, Transforming Lives"

Founded in 1996, Young Detroit Builders (YDB) is a YouthBuild USA-affiliated, non-profit organization that offers low-income 18 to 24 year old Detroit residents the opportunity to earn their GED while gaining construction training. YDB's 10-week comprehensive program includes; education, support services, counseling, leadership development, job and life skills preparation, on-the-job residential construction training, and NCCER certification. While participating in the program, students also receive a living allowance and take part in community service projects. Job placement and follow-up assistance is also provided upon completion of the program. YDB and its students focus on giving back to the community by rebuilding and rehabbing homes in the city of Detroit.

For over 25 years, Motor City Blight Busters (MCBB) has served has a leader in the push to reVitalize the city of Detroit. MCBB works to improve and beautify the Detroit community through blight removal and various community service initiatives. This nationally recognized organization not only demolishes and restores blighted Detroit structures and homes but also recycles the materials back into their rehab projects while engaging students, corporate volunteers, and community groups in the process. Their work also extends to; creating businesses such as those in the Artist Village, participation in the city's Angel's Night, feeding hundreds of people on Thanksgiving, providing space for students to learn building trades and culinary arts at ACCOSS Training Center in the Motor City Resource Center, and offering free health screenings.

Bringing Resources and A Variety of Opportunities to Young Women

The Bravo Foundation is a newly established organization created to provide young women with the opportunity to become tomorrow's leaders. Of the 34,324 homeless in Detroit, over 18,000 of them are under the age of 18. Many of these girls are exposed to negativity such as; abuse, drugs, rape and murder. The Bravo Foundation will not only provide shelter for these teens, but provide them with education and career resources and empower them to become successful women. These resources include; The BRAVO Campus which will serve as a safe home for 10 homeless and pregnant teens ages 16-22, The BRAVO Expanded Learning Program which will engage at-risk young girls, ages 11-18 through an after-school program, summer camp, and mentoring, and The BRAVO Vocational/Career Guidance Center which will provide on-site workshops and seminars on job readiness, public speaking, entrepreneurship, resume writing, business etiquette, and management skills in addition to other career services.

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Vital Apparel thanks these and all other organizations that work to reVitalize the city of Detroit!

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